In Summer

believeTerm has ended and if we weren’t about to move out of our house and be homeless for 4 months, I’d be so excessively chill right now but as it is we have a LOT to do before Friday morning. It’s a strange feeling to be moving without our house being ready (built!) and because of this, it doesn’t feel completely real. Come Friday afternoon, I will finally be able to relish the fact that I have completed my NQT teaching year successfully and have 5 weeks of summer holiday left to do the many, many things I want to do.


Summer Break

20130903-224114.jpgWhat a summer! A fantastic holiday in the Cape Cod area and oodles of time with my Linapie has meant for a fun and busy month of August. With only a week after we returned from holiday before starting work, it has felt like I haven’t had chance to catch my breath. Now I am back at work and feeling completely overwhelmed, I am mindful that I want to keep up some semblance of family life.

I started a 36 things list last year but it got lost along the way with the change in blog. Now I have turned 37, I am starting a new list of things I want to do before my next birthday. I may have cheated and added a couple of things I have already done (although they were done after my holiday so I am not feeling too bad about it!). Check my progress here.

Mission Accomplished


I have just been on a boat on the Norfolk Broads with Mum, Dad and Lina for a couple of days so I am sitting at the computer swaying slightly but feeling pretty good about the face that I managed to post a picture every single day in July using the Fat Mum Slim prompts.

I won’t be participating for August but I do hope to keep posting here regularly. Expect to see holiday posts (before, during and after!) about our upcoming US trip, panic posts about planning, general work anxiety and perhaps some things I have made. 

On that note, I have one project which I must get done before our trip and I will be sharing that here once I have given it as a gift. 10 days to go. No pressure.

Red, White [and] Blue



Happy Independence Day to all my American readers! I am very excited that in just a month and a bit, we will be flying over the pond to visit our American family in Massachusetts to celebrate my auntie and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. We are staying on Cape Cod, an area we  have never been before. Because of my course, I had barely let myself think about the trip because I didn’t want to get distracted by the excitement but now I am finished, I can’t wait to start planning and researching. It’s going to be so much fun!

5 Reasons to be Happy

photo (1)

  1. Today is my last day teaching for the summer.
  2. My Year 10 group wrote me some messages in their goodbye card and a couple of goodies.
  3. We are picking up our new car tonight. Beyond excited for this.
  4. Tomorrow, I will be seeing my lovely PGCE buddies who have played a major role in keeping me sane since September and I will be qualified as a teacher of English. No big deal.
  5. Saturday, we are going on holiday to Bognor Regis for the week so I will get to see my husband and daughter all the time for a whole week! Bliss!

Dreaming of June


It feels like my life is on hold until June. The workload for the course is barely manageable and I have already started dreaming of all the things I can do come the summer when I have finished my course:

  • Catch up with friends – if you haven’t heard from me for a while, it’s not because I don’t care about you. I promise.
  • Take Lina to Thomasland and on other fun days out
  • Sew a quilt
  • Go on a fortnightly date with my husband
  • Write a story
  • Write regularly for my blog and sew make believe
  • Go on a day trip to London to browse sewing shops
  • Catch up with Community and some other TV shows I have had to give up
  • Go to the cinema
  • Go on two holidays (these are already booked!)