Project Life 2017 Weeks 2-6

I am really enjoying working on the weekly Project Life spreads for this year. I am noticing that I am able to add much more journaling compared to the historic album I am working on (currently at July 2015). Our printer has decided to be awkward so I will either have to send off the photos for the next couple of weeks or hope that the new cartridge I have ordered will do the trick. I hope I can get it sorted as it is gratifying to be able to print the photos, write the journal cards and get the weekly spread done all in one go (and I usually manage it during naptime).

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Our First Family Trip as Four


Over the Easter holiday break, we went away as a family of four for the first time. I had put off making the decision about whether or not to go since I wasn’t sure what kind of baby Austin was going to be and I am still not sure about this – people ask me “Is he a good baby?” and I have no clue how to answer. Against what criteria? He seems pretty good in that he rarely screams crying (immunisations day aside) and he is sleeping pretty well at night – for five to seven hours at a time which seems pretty good – but then he is also dependent on lots of cuddles to sleep during the day and is pretty good at the low-key whingy talk when he is not 100% happy. I think he’s good but he’s still a baby so…

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Day One

  • A sip of bubbly and a midnight kiss
  • Jools Holland
  • Highlights of Glastonbury with familial commentary
  • A cheeky lie-in
  • A proper breakfast (table laid and everything)
  • David Attenborough
  • Lunch followed by a game of Pie Face
  • Rubbish TV
  • A chilly walk around the block
  • A nap on the sofa
  • Elementary season 3
  • Sherlock!!!!
  • Rude Tube
  • Bed time

Starting Project Life


I have always been tempted to start some kind of scrapbook but had never really been attracted to the amount of fuss that goes along with it so when a blogger I follow, Elise Blaha Cripe, started sharing her Project Life spreads, I was intrigued. The system, developed by Becky Higgins, uses plastic wallets which fit photos and printed cards for journalling and decoration. It’s simple, modern and attractive. I love it already. Last night, I spent some time on my first two spreads and I really pleased with them. I will get some washi tape (all of mine is in storage) to embellish and label the photos and be on the look out for fun stamps and stickers but otherwise, nothing else is really needed.

These are Week 1 28 July – 3 August:

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

These are Week 2 4August – 10 August:

photo 3

photo 4



Tonight was the penultimate sew make believe meeting at Berylune. Whilst others cross-stitched, knitted and crocheted, took my laptop and wrote student reports. I didn’t have time to not work and I didn’t have time to get something together to make.

It was still lovely to catch up with my ladies, laughing, drinking tea and eating yummy cake (thanks Zoe!). I also did a bit of shopping which I will share tomorrow…

6 Weeks


Time at this time of year seems to move more quickly than during the rest of the year. There are only 6 school weeks until Christmas break and we have the small matter of my first observations at work and a third birthday to prepare for before then.

I always want to relish autumn but before you know it, Halloween and Bonfire Night are gone and winter is coming. (Sidenote: I miss Game of Thrones).

This year, I am cooking Christmas dinner and I just know that I won’t manage to make it half as Martha as I want to make it.

Taking deep breaths…

Work Eat Sleep

Today has been one of those days where it’s non-stop. A long day at work including a three hour open evening (in which I talked to two of my year 11s and realised they actually like my subject and me as their teacher – a revelation!) has been followed by a fantastic dinner out with a gorgeous friend who makes me a) laugh out loud until I’m spitting out ice cream b) feel better for evil, ungenerous thoughts since we can be equally wicked and c) thankful to have her in my life, however infrequent that has been of late.

Totally worth a late night for. Just time for a cuppa and then blissful sleep.

Half Term Hijinx

20131102-195634.jpgTonight we attended Lina’s first bonfire display which has capped off an incredibly fun half-term week including her first trick or treating adventure, a visit to a farm, baking with Grandma a hair cut for all of us and playing in leaves (one of her own requests for the week).

The fireworks at Warwick Racecourse were spectacular for a local display and so much fun to share with our little family.