37 Things – 1 Month Left



Of my 37 things, I have 12 still to complete:

  1. Read 50 books in a year 12 months – I’ve read 33 books since my last birthday so far meaning I have to read 17 in one month… I am not sure I will manage this one!
  2. Re-watch the whole of Lost – almost complete. I will definitely get this one done.
  3. Make a quilt – nope
  4. Write a weekly daily monthly journal from 2014 – nope
  5. Start a Project Life binder – I want this for my birthday so fingers crossed.
  6. Write a story – I have written SOME of a story. I doubt I will finish by the end of July.
  7. Go to a Zumba class – totally doable
  8. Go to a Pride parade – Leamington has a Pride festival today so this is doable.
  9. Visit Italy – Not happening this year 😦
  10. Paint the front door – no point since we are moving!
  11. Customise the cushions in the lounge – nope
  12. Fully qualify as a teacher – should be in the bag!

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about this. As for the ones I won’t get done, I need to decide if they will make it onto my 38 things list which I will be making on my birthday.


Half Term Hijinx

20131102-195634.jpgTonight we attended Lina’s first bonfire display which has capped off an incredibly fun half-term week including her first trick or treating adventure, a visit to a farm, baking with Grandma a hair cut for all of us and playing in leaves (one of her own requests for the week).

The fireworks at Warwick Racecourse were spectacular for a local display and so much fun to share with our little family.





Book Club: Perks of Being a Wallflower

I loved this book very much and probably exactly equal to the amount I loved the film. I rooted for the protagonist Charlie throughout the book and the reveal about what had happened to him might not have had the same impact as the corresponding moment in the film but was crushing nonetheless.

sew make believe


On Wednesday night, we gathered at Berylune for our book club chat. Overall, the group enjoyed the book although some more than others. A coming of age story of a troubled teen in 1990s America, the book takes you through a year in the life of Charlie.

I had seen the film (written by the book’s author Chbosky) and had loved that and the book didn’t disappoint. Other comments from our members:

‘I’m wondering if I will feel more for the characters after I’ve seen the film.’

‘I really enjoyed this book. It took me back to the 90s and reminded me of My So-Called Life.’

‘I really liked the references to other books. Having read lots of them, it added a new dimension to reading the story and understanding the characters.’

Our next book club meeting will be online only. Our next book is Celia Rees’s This is Not…

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Hazelnut Coffee


While staying with my cousin Christine in Cape Cod over the summer, ricardo and I developed a taste for Hazelnut coffee. When we got back, we treated ourselves to a new filter coffee maker (we decided against the pod-type version in the end) and now, I can have a hazelnut coffee at home whenever I like. I can’t wait to get my hands on some gingerbread syrup. Gingerbread lattes are one of my winter rituals as it will be nice to enjoy one at home without the Starbucks pricetag.


Summer Break

20130903-224114.jpgWhat a summer! A fantastic holiday in the Cape Cod area and oodles of time with my Linapie has meant for a fun and busy month of August. With only a week after we returned from holiday before starting work, it has felt like I haven’t had chance to catch my breath. Now I am back at work and feeling completely overwhelmed, I am mindful that I want to keep up some semblance of family life.

I started a 36 things list last year but it got lost along the way with the change in blog. Now I have turned 37, I am starting a new list of things I want to do before my next birthday. I may have cheated and added a couple of things I have already done (although they were done after my holiday so I am not feeling too bad about it!). Check my progress here.