Getting going

Over 500 words! I am super thrilled to get some more written today. I am great at procrastinating and I really felt that the untidy state of my study was a superb excuse for not getting writing. I do still want to get my workspace in order but it is no longer a prerequisite for me to write. As Elise Joy says, you’ve got to Do the Work. Simple but so true.


3 thoughts on “Getting going

  1. Beatriz Portela says:

    Good luck on the writing. I did it last year and it was very rewarding. This year I’m doing 100 days of drawings using only black & white markers on 3 X 3 inch canvases. I post everyday on my Instagram @gardeningB (#100daysofSharpie). I’ll also do updates on my WordPress blog periodically:

    • Kate says:

      Good luck in your #100daysofsharpie challenge and thanks for stopping by. I am struggling to get into a writing routine but I am enjoying spending time thinking about how I write and why I write. This challenge is definitely having an impact o my creativity. 🙂

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