A New Name

Austin will be three weeks old tomorrow so I thought it was high time I introduced him. This, however, gave me a dilemma. I had written all Evelina’s updates on Raising Evelina but I have struggled to rename that blog to accommodate her little brother. I have also been very slow to update that blog at all lately so I decided I would combine all my blogging and rename my Mulberry Wall blog reflect this change in focus.

I will still be blogging about all those things that interest me here but I will also be posting all the children updates here too under the Mama category. I have also renamed most of my other social media to tie in with the blog.


2 thoughts on “A New Name

  1. Rainbows Reborn says:

    Oh my, he is so beautiful! And look at Evelina’s face – she is a proud Big Sister. Congratulations, and well done Kate, and welcome to the world, little Austin. Love to the whole family xxx

  2. Kate says:

    Thank you so much! She really is very proud to be a big sister and she’s doing a remarkable job at taking it all in her stride. I still can’t believe he is finally here! 🙂

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