Tidy Bedding

I saw this really handy tip in my Martha Stewart Organising Tip of the Day email the other day. Our linen cupboard gets messed up so easily and we are forever trying to find the matching pillow cases for a certain duvet cover. We have reorganised it by folding up bedding sets and then storing them in a pillowcase from each set. We have also moved our double-bed size fitted sheets into the spare room wardrobe (where the double bed is) to separate them from the king-size ones to save more confusion come bed-change day.  our cupboard doesn’t look like the one above still but at least it’s more organised!


2 thoughts on “Tidy Bedding

  1. Dube says:

    So, I just posted on my old blog for the first time in like 2 years and decided to look up blogs I used to visit and saw yours! 😀 This is a really helpful tip – I’m glad I visited!

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